2011 Advent Calendar Round-up

Hey Everybody!

Grant’s Advent Calendar isn’t the only Advent Calendar on the web! Below is a round-up of other Family Friendly Advent Calendars you can enjoy as we count down the days until Christmas!

Olivia is back this year after her TV Tour de force last year! Visit her at http://oliviasadvent.wordpress.com/

Also back is the always fun BreakManZ! Visit him at http://www.youtube.com/BMZAdvent

Also back is Princess Scientist!

Jack is back as well! Check him out via his YouTube Channel at: http://www.youtube.com/user/jrumple2000

And Emily is beginning her sophomore year as well!

New this year is the 2011 Crayon Box Advent Calendar Podcast over at http://docblue.posterous.com/tag/advent2011

In addition to video podcasts, there’s also the MouseVent Calendar for Disney fans!

If you know of other FAMILY FRIENDLY Advent Calendars out there, please leave us a comment below and we’ll add them to the list!

See you tomorrow everyone!


  1. Robyn on December 1, 2011 at 7:47 am

    Here’s an advent calendar for you that some of your fans might be interested in: This Day in Tudor History. (It may not be totally family friendly, though – we’ve already hit treason and execution talk, and it’s only day 1… you make the call.) 🙂