Here are the official rules as set forth by the Advent Calendar Commission…

  • All doors must be open on their respective days. (ex. Door #1 must be opened on Dec. 1) and there is no advance opening of doors.
  • Door openings must be shot in one take. Actual video of door opening can’t be edited. Effects may be put on and music and sound effects added, but the video of the door opening must be left intact.
  • Videos must be posted here to the website & podcast by 11:59 PM (Pacific Time) of the day it’s shot. Videos may appear later on YouTube, but must be on the website ( by the 11:59 PM deadline.
  • If Grant is traveling during the month of December and he cannot take his calendar with him, a member of the Advent Calendar Commission may remove the prizes from the doors during the travel days and place them in sealed envelopes that Grant may open on their respective days.