Sam Kendall (The Mo Show, Rooming with Dino) – Under The Puppet #89 – 

Sam Kendall is a puppeteer, writer and director who has been making puppet videos for the internet for over a decade.  His show The Mo Show starring his puppet Mo Monster has shown that Sam is a master at writing, directing and performing puppetry for the web.  I sit down to talk to Sam about The Mo Show, his new series Rooming with Dino and much more on this episode of Under The Puppet.

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Discussed on the show:
Mo Monster takes NYCC 2018 –
The Puppet Detective –
Rooming with Dino –
Mo and Bill are Salesman –
One Bed One Bath –
Boyish Charms –
Feel Your Best Self –

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Art by Parker Jacobs
Music by Dan Ring
Edited by Stephen Staver

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