HIRING: Audio Editor

I’m currently looking for someone to help with audio editing of Saturday Morning Media’s shows.  The process of writing, recording, editing and producing the shows here on Saturday Morning Media is currently done by one person, me.  I’m hoping to find someone to help with the audio editing of the shows so that we can release content in a more timely fashion.  Below is the general idea of what I’m looking for.  If this interests you, please feel free to get in touch to discuss further.  Mail your interest to: hello@saturdaymorningmedia.com

What I’m looking for….


  • Your own computer with Logic Pro (or compatible) installed
  • Knowledge of Logic Pro X or higher
  • Knowledge of audio processing
  • Ability to meet agreed upon deadlines
  • Creative person with a passion for creating high quality, family friendly audio content.  This is a creative position.  Understanding of timing and flow of an audio drama is extremely important.  There will also be some editing of multiple person interviews.
  • Your own high speed internet access.


  • You will receive each episode in a Logic X File (either via hard drive if in Southern California or FTP download) along with a script of the episode.  You will also receive all music and sound effects needed for the episode.
  • File will contain all of the audio but the ‘selects’ or ‘best takes’ will be trimmed down for you to assemble them in their proper order according to the script and position in sound effects and music in their proper places within the episode.  You will add fade ins and outs for sound effects and music and do overall sound engineering.
  • You send an mp3 of edited episode in for any notes.  This will only happen once per episode.  There won’t be endless notes back and forth.
  • You make any tweaks as outlined in the notes and you send the master Logic File back (again, via hard drive or FTP) for final edits and publishing.


  • $30 per episode completed.  – Now, I know $30 is not a lot of money but it is what I can currently afford to pay.  All Saturday Morning Media content is produced out of my pocket and by the generous support of patrons via the Patreon page that I have set up.  At $30/episode, you’re be the highest paid person at Saturday Morning Media!  Of course, as the shows grow this can be renegotiated.
  • Credit – You will, of course, get credit for every episode you work on
  • CD Compensation – If any episodes you edit are packaged together and released on a CD or via Digital sources like iTunes, you’ll be paid a flat $50 for your participation.  Again as the site grows, this can be renegotiated.


  • This is a per episode agreement.  There is no contract.  Either you or I can cancel at any time.

If this interests you, please feel free to get in touch to discuss further.  Mail your interest to: hello@saturdaymorningmedia.com