The Adventures of Johnny Ironclad


Saturday Morning Media proudly announces the release of The Adventures of Johnny Ironclad. This brand new, one off, family friendly audio drama was produced in support of the novel Empire State by Adam Christopher. It all part of the Empire State Worldbuilder project that encourages readers to create their own content based on the novel. Saturday Morning Media was asked to produce a piece for the project and the result was The Adventures of Johnny Ironclad!

The near twenty minute adventure, along with more information on the project, is available at…

or click here to access the audio file….

The Adventures of Johnny Ironclad

While the theme of Empire State is for more mature audiences, The Adventures of Johnny Ironclad

is for all audiences.

The Adventures of Johnny Ironclad stars the voice talents of:

Johnny Ironclad – Kevin Berntson
Captain Dragon – Jayne Entwistle
Lieutenant – Michael Oosterom
Sam/Additional Voices – Grant Baciocco

Music by Dan Ring –