ADVENT 2003 DAY #07

Before I left for the airport at TOO:EARLY AM this
morning I paused to open up my advent

GLad I did because it was another

Another dollar! Which was good because I
got to LAX and realized that I didn’t have my iPod earphones and I had to buy
some at the airport.

Here’s the beautiful mountains of Utah! Had
a stop over and had to change planes in Utah to get to Billings. And here’s my

Yep, my private little jet. It was really
nice and spacious except for all the other passengers. When i landed in
Billings I was met by Steph who is the student Activities coordinator. She is
awesome and we picked up her roommate Yates (that’s her last name) and went and
had some pizza. Now I’m just chilling at the hotel, making sure that the guitar
is in tune and my set list is…well…set.