This year, we're challenging you to make some Grant's Advent Calendar Fan a minute!


How To Enter:
1. Get some pencils, pens or crayons. Whatever you like to draw with.
2. Get a piece of paper.
3. Set a timer for one minute and in that one minute, draw some Grant's Advent Calendar Fan Art!

4. When the timer is done, pencils down! No more drawing after a minute!
Take a picture or make a scan of your 1 minute Fan Art and send it in an email to along with your name and a mailing address in the event you win.


- All entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM Pacific on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2023.
- A.I./Artificial Intelligence/Computerized drawings are NOT ALLOWED! Only hand drawn art may be submitted.
- Winner will be chosen at random from all entries.
- All submissions become property of Grant Baciocco & Saturday Morning Media and may be used in Advent Calendar videos and promotion.
- Only one entry per person. Multiple entries per household allowed.
- Not responsible for lost or misdirected submissions.
- Grant reserves the right to modify these rules at any time and disqualify entries that don't fit the family friendly theme of the podcast.
- Questions? E-mail

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2011 Design Grant's T-Shirt Contest - Robyn - Modesto, CA
2012 Advent Calendar Art Contest - Wheeler - Kings Mountain, NC
2013 Flat Grantley Photo Contest - Christian S. - New Britain, CT
2014 Crazy Holiday Decoration Contest - Kylie
2015 Minimalist Contest - Blake P.
2016 Name Contest - Jack R. - Sheboygan, WI
2017 Fill In The Blank Contest - Todd M. - Stockbridge, GA
2018 Unscramble The Letters Contest - Jeff P. - Fullerton, CA
2019 Daily Activity Contest - Kevin Smith, Oregon

2020 Flashback Contest - Ashlie Chimero
2021 Decoding the Numbers Contest- Olivia & Ben
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