Bob Mills (Disneyland, Children’s Fairyland, Just Kids) – Under The Puppet #97 – 

Bob Mills is one of, if not the original Disneyland puppeteers, performing marionette shows at the park starting in 1957. Before that he puppeteered at Children’s Fairyland in Oakland, CA and before that he was the resident puppeteer and clown for the TV show Just Kids which broadcast every weekday in Hawaii.  Bob would later step away from puppetry to do make-up for some of the biggest stars in film and television.  I talk to Bob Mills about all of this and more on this episode of Under The Puppet.

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Discussed on the show:

Bob Baker Marionette Theater –

The Secrets of Making Marionettes by Rufus Rose – Part I –

Part II –

Children’s Fairyland –

Disneyland –

Photos courtesy of Bob Mills & Randal Metz

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