Soarin’ Over California 2019 – Disney California Adventure – Attraction Checklist #77 – Soarin’ Over California is back for a limited time at Disney California Adventure and I just had to get this classic recorded! Recorded on June 18, 2019.


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This episode we head back to an attraction I thought I never be able to record, Soarin’ Over California back where it belongs at Disney California Adventure! The Disneyland website says: A California classic soars back for a limited-time engagement that once again sweeps you away above the state’s natural and manmade wonders. Guests must be 40” or taller in order to ride this attraction and the Thrill Level describes the ride as being Slow, Dark and loud with small drops. Fastpass is available for this attraction.

Before we once again soar over California, here are five fast facts about Soarin over California and it’s return to Disney California Adventure!

1. Originally, Soarin’ Over California was an opening day attraction at Disney California Adventure. It first took off on February 8, 2001.

2. Soarin’ Over California at Disney California Adventure was replaced by Soarin’ Around The World in June of 2017. You can hear our adventure on that attraction in episode #29 of the show.  

3. On May 23, 2019, Disney announced that Soarin’ Over California would make a limited time return to Disney California Adventure on June 1, 2019. This return was so well received by guests, that the run was extended through August 31, 2019.

4. On June 1st, upon Soarin’ Over California’s return, guests exiting the attraction were given free oranges as a tribute to the iconic orange smell experience on the ride.

5. The return of Soarin’ Over California also meant the return of composer Jerry Goldsmith’s amazing score which has still been used as area music in many Disney Parks.

Now let’s take off once again on Soarin’ Over California. After the attraction audio, I’ll give you my thoughts on this attraction and this is a binaural recording, so if you have headphones, put them on now as we ride Soarin’ Over California at Disney California Adventure!

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