The Prize Potato Caper Part 1 – The Mysterious Mysteries of Toby Taylor, The Fruit Magician #111 – Chapter 1 of 3. Toby and Rebecca head to the Bonneville Country Fair in Idaho for a performance and they land themselves smack dab in the middle of another mystery!

Molly Fite as Rebecca Taylor
Vanessa Whitney as Mrs. Jamison
Dan Garza as Mr. Mowrey
Grant Baciocco as Toby Taylor
and Kevin Berntson as The Narrator

Sound Design by Christopher Green of GreenStreams Studio –

Music by Dan Ring

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©2017 Saturday Morning Media/Grant Baciocco

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  1. aiden on January 21, 2021 at 12:13 pm

    the FRUIT magician I like how you made him say that it was so dramatic

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