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ac_episode_012smallLet’s celebrate winter in the summer as we ride EPCOT’s newest attraction Frozen Ever After.  Will a die-hard Maelstrom fan enjoy this new ride?  Listen and find out!  We welcome your thoughts over at the Attraction Checklist Facebook Page at  Audio recorded on October 25, 2016, front row of the boat.

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Welcome to Attraction Checklist.

On today’s episode we visit Elsa in her Ice Palace as we ride Frozen Ever After.

This attraction can be found in the Norway Pavillion in World Showcase at EPCOT in Walt Disney World.  Board a wooden Viking ship and sail through the fantastical world of Frozen is how this attraction is described in the guide map.  The ride is described as a Slow Ride in the Thrill Rating and there are no age or height requirements for this attraction.  Fastpass+ is available for this attraction, as long as you plan months in advance,

Before we visit Arendelle, here are five fast facts about Frozen Ever After.

  1. On September 12, 2014, Disney announced they would be closing the Norway pavilion’s attraction Maelstrom and replacing it with Frozen Ever After.  This decision did not sit well with many EPCOT fans, including myself, but we had to ‘Let It Go’ as the final Maelstrom boat took it’s trip back over the falls on October 5, 2014.
  2. Frozen Ever After uses the same ride vehicles as Maelstrom and uses pretty much the same exact layout except for a little extra track at the beginning of the attraction.
  3. This is the first disney attraction to use electric audio-animatronic figures.  previously, audio animatronics relied on pneumatic or hydraulic power, but Disney claims these new all electric animatronics provide a smoother, more lifelike appearance.
  4. Frozen Ever After features several songs from the film, but some of the songs have brand new lyrics that were written by the original composers.
  5. Even thought Frozen Ever After replaced the quirky, but much loved Maelstrom, there are still small tribute to the original ride in Frozen Ever After.  As guests splash back down into Arendelle Bay at the end of the attraction, they will spot some Puffins who were part of the original Maelstrom attraction.

Let’s head off for our summer snow day as we ride Frozen Ever After.  At the conclusion of the ride audio I’ll give you my thoughts on the attraction dn I’d love to hear YOUR thoughts over at the Attraction Checklist Facebook Page at  This is a binaural recording so if you have headphones put them on now as we experience Frozen Ever After.




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