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ac_episode_011smallIt’s time to choose a new president so what better way to celebrate than by enjoying The Hall or Presidents at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.  We learn a bit of history about this historical attraction and then listen to the full 22 minute presentation.  We welcome your thoughts over at the Attraction Checklist Facebook Page at  Audio recorded on May 25, 2016.

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Welcome to Attraction Checklist.

On today’s episode we celebrate the presidents of the past and present by visiting the Hall of Presidents located in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

Located in Liberty Square, this 22 minute long attraction is described in the guidebooks in the following manner: Behold all the U.S. Presidents on stage together.  There is no height or age requirements for this attraction

Before we get all patriotic, here are five fast facts about Haunted Mansion Holiday.

  1. The Hall of Presidents was an attraction that was originally developed by Walt Disney himself.  He envisioned an attraction at Disneyland called ‘One Nation Under God that featured animated wax figures of each of the presidents.  Frustrated by the limits of technology at the time, he shelved the idea but pushed his Imagineers to develop an audio animatronic figure in human form which became Abraham Lincoln for Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.
  2. The first showing of the Hall of Presidents was on October 1, 1971 as it was a Magic Kingdom, opening day attraction.  On that day, the roll call of presidents ended with, then current president, Richard M. Nixon.
  3. After each new president takes office, their figure is added to the Hall of Presidents.  Beginning in 1993 with President Bill Clinton, each president has provided the voice for their audio animatronic figure.  Most recently in 2009, Barack Obama recorded his figure’s speech in the Map room at the White House
  4. The current version of the Hall of Presidents is Narrated by Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman.  Previous narrators include Lawrence Dobkin, J.D. Hall and Maya Angelou
  5. The voice of Abraham Lincoln in the current version of the show is an archive recording performed  by Royal Dano, who provided Lincoln’s voice for the 1965 World’s Fair.  In 1993, when the show was being redon, Dano fell ill and Peter Renaday stepped in to prove Lincoln’s Voice.  No stranger to lending his voice to Disneyland attractions, Peter Renaday is also the voice of Henry, the Master of Ceremonies at the Country Bear Jamboree.

And now let’s visit The Hall of Presidents.  After the attraction Audio, I’ll give you my thoughts on this attraction and I’d love to hear your thoughts over at the Attraction Checklist Facebook page at  This is a binaural recording so if you have headphones, put them on now as we experience, the Magic Kingdom’s Hall of Presidents.




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